Friday, March 20, 2009

Do any of the girls turn tricks on the side? Also, what type of stripper are you?

I think a trick or two was definitely turned while I was there. It wasn't rampant like some clubs I've been to. A few of the nastier strippers I worked with had an ongoing uh, business arrangement with some of the washed up middle-aged ex-rock star dudes who used to come in and try to recapture their glory years, or whatever. Since you seem to have a pretty good understanding of the different types of strippers, the ones I'm referring to were totally vacant, peroxide blonds with fake tans and shitty tattoos of like, flaming dream catchers and dragons. Their favorite bands are Motley Crue (still) and Kid Rock, and they would embarrass you if you went anywhere in public with them.

As far as categories go, I wouldn't know where I'd put myself. I've definitely never seen anyone like me in all of the clubs I've visited. Let me think about this a bit more.

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